Welcome JetBrains! Our Newest WPB .Net User Group Sponsor

The West Palm Beach .Net User Group is happy to share that we are now participating in the JetBrains UG Community Program. JetBrains is the maker of awesome products such as IntelliJ IDEA (Which I have been using since college), ReSharper and WebStorm, to name a few; all powerful tools making our lives as developers much easier and more productive while helping us write better code overall.

Welcome JetBrains as sponsor for the West Palm beach .Net User Group

As member of the JetBrains UG Community Program, we are now entitled for a free license of a JetBrains product to raffle at each of our meetings. That will help bring all these tools to the hands of our members ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Be sure to attend our meetings for a chance to win your free JetBrains license and more (check our calendar for upcoming events on http://www.fladotnet.com)


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